From 3D artwork to animation, EunJeong explores visual experiments in the digital art field. Beginning as a fashion illustrator and pattern designer, her love for colors and patterns persists in her 3D work. She blends graphic design and collage methods to introduce 2D elements, adding a playful edge.

Her focus is on infusing unique and personalized touches into digital creative media.

(in digital)

Born and raised in Seoul, studied fine art and illustration in NY, worked in the fashion advertising field, and then became a freelance fashion illustrator, Eunjeong gained massive diversity of experience within the art, design, and advertising fields. She has collaborated with numerous brands, including LVMH, Samsung, Shinsegae International, Emanuel Ungaro, and more. Now she has turned her focus to creating photo-realistic visuals that enhance her vision with abstract concepts, yet they remain realistically colorful and beautiful. Still, her visual characteristic, like mixing of color and patterns, stays. She engages in 3D artwork creation, animated videography, art-directed visuals with graphic design, and more.
Cv upon request